What is qShare ?

qShare is an easy to use FTP server written in Qt with a built-in service discovery feature. You don't have to edit complex config files to make it run, just install it and run it. Its purpose is to allow sharing files in heterogeneous LAN networks. Let's imagine a network with 3 computers: one is running a Linux desktop, one is running a windows XP and the last one is running windows 7. Without a time consumming configuration step you can't share your files using built-in OS utils but with qShare installed everywhere you'll be able to access the files you want to share with only a few clicks. Since FTP is an old protocol it is supported by lots of common programs (Dolphin, Firefox, internet explorer, etc...). qShare also has a built-in search feature which saves some network and CPU resources by running the search on the server side and sends back only the results of your request instead of huge file lists.

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